Spokane is the Land of Mountain Lakes.

Over 50 mountain lakes welcome you to the Inland Northwest paradise that we call home — Spokane, WA.  We are your neighborhood brewery & taproom, in the heart of downtown, on the corner of Riverside & Browne.  

Tasting Hours:
Thursday • 3-9p
Friday • 3-9p
Saturday • 3-9p

We brew for you!



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1. THAT’A BOY CLARENCE     7.3%   •   25 IBUs
Maple & Sugar Christmas Ale

2. BUBBIE’S MANDEL BREAD     6.2%   •   48 IBUs
Mandel Bread Holiday Ale

3. SWEATER WEATHER     5.6%   •   30 IBUs
Fall Spice Ale

4. WINTER R.V. STOUT    7.6%   •   55 IBUs
Raspberry + Vanilla Stout

5. RIVERSIDE BROWNE     6.3%   •   35 IBUs
Porter/Brown Ale Hybrid

6. GREAT COCKNEY     4.9%   •   44 IBUs
English Golden Ale

7. COOK & BAKER     6.0%   •   21 IBUs
Fresh Hopped Charred Oak Brown

8. DETLEF’S DUNKEL     5.1%   •   16 IBUs
Bavarian Dunkelweizen

9. OKTOBERFEST     5.2%   •   21 IBUs
Marzen Festbier

10. WORD TO YOUR MOTHER     6.2%   •   25 IBUs
Vanilla Cream Ale

11. WOODWORK     5.8%   •   60 IBUs
Inland Northwest Pale Ale

12. TRIP-A     6.2%   •   48 IBUs
Triticale Red IPA

13. SAINT HELEN’S     7.2%   •  105 IBUs
Inland Northwest IPA


2 BBL  •  WHEAT, WHEAT… DON’T TELL ME  •  American Wheat
This ale was a HUGE HIT when we opened, and this will be the 3rd batch…
Tentative Release Date: Dec. 13, 2018

1 BBL  •  DOUBLE BACK DOPPLEBOCK  •  Winter Strong Ale
The first in our “Mountain Lakes Mountaineer Series” of strong ales.  
Tentative Release: January/February 2019

2 BBL  •  PRIDDY GOOD GRAFT  •  Apple Graft Ale
Made with fresh apples from Priddy Good Fruit orchard on Greenbluff.  
Tentative Release: December 2018

2 BBL  •  HAZY DAVY 2.0  •  New England Style Hazy IPA
Just like you remember it, but with more HAZY and more DAVY!  We perfected it!
Tentative Release Date: December 20, 2018


GINGER SPICE     6.0%   •   40 IBUs
Seasonal Amber Ginger Ale

We won the Summer 2018 Lester Cup Brew-Off with this beer… it’ll be back!

R.V. ALE  •  Raspberry + Vanilla Pale Ale
A Summer Seasonal that will always be in rotation for the warmer months!

JLC  •  Jalapeño-Lime-Cucumber Blonde
Helped us place in the Top 10 for the Inland NW Beer Festival… we’ll have a huge release for this in Summer 2019… did someone say taco bar?

TRAVE’S FAVE  •  Citrus & Cardamom Summer Wheat
Not just Trave’s Favorite, anymore… this is a crowd pleaser, sure to be back in 2019.

ISLAND TIME  •  Coconut Porter
So good you’ll want to put on your favorite reggae record and forget about the world for a while…

NUTTY SPACEMAN  •  Cold Brew Golden Ale
This “Almond Latte in a Golden Ale” is one of our first collaborations with Spaceman Coffee… 
This one was too good not to bring back.  Look for it as one of the first seasonals after the snow melts!

SPACEMAN   •  Espresso Blonde
The original collaboration with Spaceman Coffee Co… a little bitter, but delicious!

RED SKY  •  India Red Ale
This was a great Red IPA, but it’s been replaced by an even better beer: TRIP-A (Triticale Red IPA)

2-ALARM  •  Imperial Red Ale
This was such a crowd favorite, but it was a Winter beer served in the Summer.   Look for it to squeeze in sometime before ski season is over in 2019!

This beer was a delicious beer to open with… but not enough hop for most Northwest IPA drinkers.  We may still brew this for special events, but for now, LAL is not on the brew schedule.  

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Click Here to Join, While Supplies Last!

The Mug Club is a discount and social club at the Brewery.  Our most loyal taproom guests drink out of a 20 OZ. mug that brings with it an array of benefits including a free shirt or hat, other beer and merchandise discounts, plus THAT EXTRA 4.0 ounces of beer every fill!


For more information please visit our CONTACT page or visit Facebook.com/MTNLAKESBREWCO to leave us a private message.