LIVE from the Brewhouse Stage at Mountain Lakes Brewing Co. in Downtown Spokane, WA, this is “Wheat, Wheat… Don’t Tell Me!” the monthly beer trivia show!

We record in front of a LIVE audience at the brewery on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month. Stop by the taproom on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month for your chance to be on the show as a contestant, or simply to watch a panel of brewers and growers set out to make fools of themselves while discovering more about beer and the latest beer news! Cheers!


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July 31, 2019 • Season 1 • Episode 3
“Women & Vegetables in Beer

EWU Women’s Basketball Coach, Wendy Schuller
& Prince from Black Label Brewing Co.
join us to talk about the real roots of beer brewing,
vegetables in beer, and how to pour that perfect pint…
oh, and we pass the porrone, as usual!

July 3, 2019 • Season 1 • Episode 2
“Pass the Porrone”

Special Guest: SCC President, Kevin Brockbank plays “Not My Beer”
Musical Guest: The Pickering Simmons Project
& panelist Christopher Anderson from River City Brewing
join us on a journey around the world, stopping in Spain to
learn about the traditional Porrone drinking device…
and of course Music from Robin Pickering & Pat Simmons.

June 5, 2019 • Season 1 • Episode 1
“Glitter Beer & Pogo Sticks”

Special Guest: Singer/Songwriter, Chris Molitor plays “Not My Beer”
Musical Guest: Chris Molitor & panelists Joel Williamson of The Grain Shed, and
“Diamond” Dave Musser of Bellwether Brewing Co. talk about what else?
Glitter beer & pogo sticks… Duh!